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News The Choice 2012

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    I think both candidates have big egos.

    NPR had done bit on the parallel lives of Obama and Romney.

    Strict Private School Prepped Romney To 'Aim High'

    Hawaii Prep School Gave Obama Window To Success

    and Steven Colbert has some interesting comments and insights.

    Stephen Colbert steps out of character to assess Romney on ‘Meet the Press’ (VIDEO)

    I thought Colbert's comment (about 6:30 in) about the Politico-Industrial Complex, ". . . there's an entire industry in politics. But I didn't know. I suspected. There's an entire industry. There's a politico industrial complex that is not only raising money but that is built around making money off of the fact that there is so much money in politics, and that there are almost no rules" is right on target.

    Colbert ends with an interesting observation.
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    That was a very interesting Colbert video.

    The money floating around under the guise of non profit social welfare is absurd.

    The majority of the money collected must go to social welfare, but there is an easy way around that; just give remaining money to another 501 (c) 4.


    There is no limit that I know of on how much the director of one of the non profits can pay himself or staff. Karl Rove had two operating at the same time. It truly has become a Politico-Industrial Complex.

    It is futile for the IRS to try to keep up with

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    I think both, any and all candidates MUST have big egos.
    No one gets this far in politics without one. imo

    In this go-round, one is for money and the other is for people.

    'We the people ... ' ... when written, was not all inclusive back then.
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    Enthusiasm Rises for Mitt Romney
    http://news.yahoo.com/enthusiasm-rises-romney-obama-track-retort-040209299--abc-news-politics.html [Broken]

    Let's see what happens in and after the next debate.

    Meanwhile - Romney’s Go-To Economist

    I have to wonder if a Romney administration would replay the GW Bush administration on the economy.
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