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The Chosen One

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    Ok so I just read this novel called The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams...

    Have any of you ever read it?

    If not its about a polygamist group and a young girls life in it.

    Just looking for opinions on the book as well on these societies... For instance in the book they arbitrarily killed a man for driving the girl... Has any incident like this ever occured?

    What's your guys view on poygamist organizations?
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    I've never heard of either the book or the author, and that's not something that I would read anyway.
    Polygamy is the norm for humans; organized religion and politics have endeavoured to make it unacceptable. Monogamy is a human construct, primarily in Western culture. Some polygamous cults go way too far, involving child abuse, but that isn't an intrinsic element of a multiple-spouse lifestyle.
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