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The circle in music

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    i like to listen to music a bit and one of the things that everyone who listens long enough notice is a circle that never ends, same thing with lots of things. now i've heard that the circumference of circle is an infinite number and thats what people seem to concentrate on if pie ends knowing it doesn't. know some songs claim "360 degrees of perfected styles" and others claim "circles in the sand" but heres the thing, ive noticed 3 sides to every song. now this may seem unimportant but it got me thinking on how this "wheel" works. it looks like a wheel with any number of spooks at any angle running straight through, in the middle you had the hub once you complete a song if you decide to go on you chose the next song which you can take a left, right or continue on through the middle, so you have two outcomes, stay on the edge of the wheel or stay in the middle of the wheel.

    so with 3 ways to go you have two outcomes, what is this called? sorry if it sounds like nonsence.
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    EDIT: I read that really quickly which may have been a mistake... I'll read it once I'm done with my paper.
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    sorry, some of the songs i listen to have lots math referances. it doesn't have to be music. i guess it would be topology, nm :tongue2:
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    I can't make head or tail of that.
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    then i've done my job :D
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    Get some sleep!

    The circumference of a circle is finite, because the diameter (or radius) is finite. Pi is a transcendental number, which is also an infinite series, and is also the 'ratio' of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

    Songs don't have sides - they have a beginning and an end, and everything in between is the song. :biggrin:

    From any point, there are infinite directions - but one can only pick one at any instant.

    Referring to the OP
    Sleep deprivation. :biggrin:
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    Do you think you'll ever write a spherical song?

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    thanks for clearing that up the math astronuc, i'm not polished :redface:.

    in music theory you have a circle of notes, circles of 5th's.

    :uhh: .....run :rofl:
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    This all sounds like the kind of music interpretation that can be only achived through chemical means, if you catch my drift :wink:

    By the way- have you ever listened to A Perfect Circle :tongue2:
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    for some reason a cracked up peace sign doesn't do the name justice, maybe if it was on fire and dripping blood?
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