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The climated swindle movie here

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    Highly recommended but take your time:

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4499562022478442170 [Broken]
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    great, Andre.
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    I enjoyed watching that. Thanks for the link.
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    Thanks, a nice documentary.
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    I'm a bit sad about it though. Such a highly exposed movie will be /is scrutinized and therefore it should be flawless. One clear error and the whole thing is compromised.

    One can argue about suggestive styles and about the accuracy of data:


    Yet it contains at least two real errors. The lagging of CO2 in the ice cores is well known. Of course Gore did not address that, far too complicated to bring to the crowd. But he could have, since the warmers have explanations for that:


    So "discovering" that lag is one step behind. One should be one step further and one should know why that explanation is wrong:


    And volcanoes do not produce more CO2 than mankind in a modest volcanic year.
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