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The Collapse of a Black Hole

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    So I was reading threads and i came across a question on what happens when a black hole collapses. As I was reading the responses, I saw some people commenting in which they asked if the mass the black hole absorbed was released when the black hole collapsed. If it did would the black hole release the mass and expand continuously until it ran out of mass to expand from? If it did would it cause an explosion type expansion? And one final question, would it cause another big bang?
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    Black hole collapse? Is there any theoretical or observational evidence that this is possible?
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    If the black hole were to disperse itslef in any way that you perfer considering we havent observed any black hole disapearing, what would happen to the matter that the black hole pulled into its singularity?
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    Black holes do evaporate. All of the mass/energy comes back to us.
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    How would it come back to us?
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    Hawking Radiation. Mostly photons, plus matter and antimatter particles in equal numbers. Lots of antimatter.
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    Oh i forgot about hawking radiation. Sorry for asking so many questions.
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    I will believe anything that hawking logically explains.
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    And if you want an explosion scenario rather than just boring old Hawking evaporation, look at Rovelli & Vidotto's" Planck Star" description of the possible fate of black hole in LQG
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