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The collective god theory

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    we can refer to the collective intelligence/counsciousness of human beings as god, but it has no supernatural qualities normally associated with that label, so perhaps it's a little misleading.

    the collective knowledge and the combination of the instinct to survive the difference between what is and
    what could be, the truth?

    a merging of all the intelligent/counscious minds of the universe has the potential for being the most powerful force in the universe, perhaps to the point of being able to control the universe in a godlike way.

    some people are of the opinion that this accounts for the "lesser" gods or pagan gods (which are essentially akin to jungian archetypes). the "Old Crone" for example. if there is such a thing as a "creator" or "creating" god of the universe, it would be beyond this though since the CU is the result of man's psyche rather than vice versa.

    but should you include animals? humans are animals and we evolved. would this mean god evolved?

    the concept of 'God' actually serves well as an aspirational model for what we would like the collected workings of humanity to achieve. - e.g. power over life and death, an omniprescent view of human activity and application of universal justice, understanding and manipulating the laws that govern nature etc....

    collective intelligence could certainly have the power of a god but it couldn't have the omnipotency of the biblical/koranic god, at least not yet.

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    you have my permission to discuss
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    somebody say something :bugeye:
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    No, I think you've covered it all there. Well done.
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    sarcasm doesnt work on the internet.. didnt you know?
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    You stated a bunch of personal beliefs and finished with a period. This is called rhetoric. Rhetoric, by definition, is not intended to be responded to.
    I'm not trying to be mean, but what more do you want?
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    world peace, feedback, comments and suggestions.
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    at very least it can't be killed easily. any way, why compare apples to oranges? "collective intelligence" is a creature "living" in different dimension; the notion of "god" is supposed to describe yet another creature in yet another dimension. the same way, we could compare "god" to anthill colony and conclude that they are not "god".
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