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Medical The colloidal silver thread

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    For anyone that doesn't know: silver is well known to have antibiotic and antifungal properties and many people claim it also has antiviral properties in vivo. Before the invention of beta lactam and other organic antibiotics, colloidal silver was the only antibiotic a doctor had at his disposal. Today doctors and other people in the medical community claim that there is no evidence to support the theory that colloidal silver has antimicrobial properties in vivo. The only silver product I've seen in a pharmacy so far was band-aids. I read that doctors prescribe silver salts as a topical antiseptic but thats about it. There are many people claiming that ingesting colloidal silver cures all kinds of microbial infections and the medical community attempts to refute these claims by stating that there is no evidence to support this is true and they attempt to sway people away from it by talking about "the dangers" of colloidal silver but when asked to provide details on these dangers, the only danger they ever mention is the risk of argyreia, a condition in which silver deposits under the skin and causes the skin to appear blue. They will often use words like "toxicity" when talking about it which makes me suspicious of these naysayers because in reality there are no adverse effects caused by argyreia other than the skin turning blue. In other words there is no toxicity so they are using that word incorrectly.

    Anyhow since I am not scared of turning blue I decided to put colloidal silver to the test, using myself as a guinea pig. I had a terrible flu which came with lots of the symptoms of meningitis so on day 2 I made some crude colloidal silver solution with a few batteries, some distilled water and a couple of pieces of silver wire. I drank a relatively large amount of this stuff but didn't feel my symptoms lessening at all. I went to bed a few hours after words and woke up the next morning in a pool of my own sweat. The flu symptoms had disappeared almost entirely. My family had this same flu and according to them, it was supposed to last a week so it seems to me that I have some personal evidence that colloidal silver actually does work in vivo. For a few days afterwards I get getting stomach cramps and diahhrea which at the start was pretty severe. I suspected that it may be antibiotic associated diarrhea so I started eating probiotic yoghurt and taking acidophilus capsules. I wasn't sure if I had a viral or bacterial infection or what. I had intended on wiping out all the good bacteria in my GI tract from the start because my line of thinking was that if I don't wipe out the good bacteria then I probably won't kill off all the pathogenic bacteria (or virally hijacked cells) but in retrospect, that was a bad idea. I should have just reduced the population of the pathogens so that my immune system could take care of the rest. I had my appendix removed when I was younger so my intestinal fauna will have a much harder time recouperating than someone who has an appendix.

    Anyhow I just thought I'd start this thread so people can discuss and ask questions about colloidal silver. If you don't believe it works and don't want to test it on yourself then just speak hypothetically. I have a few questions myself:

    Q1.) Since I don't have an appendix, its unwise for me to kill off my bacterial fauna and consequently I think that ingesting silver solution orally is not a good route for me because it will inevitably wreak havoc on the bacteria living in my GI tract. I think patenteally would be better for me. I'd prefer not to have to use a syringe on myself due to risk of infection and other complications so instead I was thinking about building a nebulizer for colloidal silver. By inhaling CS vapour, the silver will enter my blood stream directly then by carried via the pulmonary vein into the heart and pumped out the aorta. If I'm not mistaken, this way I will avoid causing bacterial holocausts in my GI tract. Any suggestions/advice/comments?
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