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The Coming Unified Theory Locked?

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    I don't get it? But rather than get into all the speculative aspects of it, I just thought maybe I would offer my own take on what it might entail. I think the whole thing would be based upon establishing the notion that an absolute reality does exist. You know, we all say things are relative, and yet what exactly does that entail if we can't establish what things are relative to? There must be some standard, right? And yet what purpose would it serve, if that standard were merely relative to something else? Well, come to find out we'd all be floating in a sea of relativity of which nothing is really relative. Huh? That's right, unless we have an absolute standard by which everything exists, then we have nothing by which to base reality upon. In which case it becomes a matter of understanding that everything is relative to the absoluteness of the whole.

    Of course if you've already accepted this much, then you've already accepted what the theory entails, and it's really more the matter getting in touch with it. :wink:

    P.S. I was wondering if Bariyon could get ahold of me, either by PM or, through the email listed in my profile? He seems to be unavailable through the regular channels. Thanks!
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    everything is relative to nothing and nothing is only relative to itself as it has no form yet

    so what defines relativity and something is consciousness, which when extrapolated to universal proportions would have it as a wave moving through a sea of nothingness

    essentially a bubble shaped wave of thought rippling at the speed of consciousness through a sea of unformed strings/energy permeated by dark strings that keep everything fixed around a central expansion point

    ...an absolute frame of reference that lies beyond and within our percievable universe
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    When the staff locks a thread, we do not intend for you to continue discussing the subject in another thread.

    - Warren
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