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The communication of frogs

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    I have a few dozen (or maybe a few hundred, I haven't counted) frogs living outside my window and they are constantly making sounds. What exactly is the purpose of this? I imagine that they must somehow be communicating but what are they conveying which requires constantly croaking?
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    I think it's something along the lines of, "Hey baby...how you doin'?"


    They're looking for mates.
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    Sounds like they are vampire frogs and planning an attack on qntty's larder.
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    Well, there are the ones saying that, and then there are others singing "O' Solo Mio" and a few out there calling, "Hey, there's a party at the pond tonight, you're all invited!" Oh, and there's the one you don't hear...he's furiously posting a thread in GD asking, "I think this froglette likes me, but I'm afraid to call out like the others, what should I do?"
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