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The Companys providing excellent equipment for MSc Physics courses

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    Please give the detail of the manufacturer whom you know who are providing excellent equipments needed for MSc Physics course. As we start MSc course in a College, in India, to establish good Laboratory, these information are valuable. Imperative that the quality includes the excellent service feed back. Please give your feed back.

    1. LASER equipment needed for MSc experiments
    2. Constant Deviation Spectrometer
    3. Michelson Interferometer
    4. Quarter wave palates
    5. Katers Pendulum, Forbes setup
    6. GM Counter
    7. Gamma Ray Spectrometer
    8. Hall effect and Magnetic susceptibility measurement setup
    9. Oscilloscope
    10. Oscillator
    Thanks in advance
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    Shouldn't you be aiming for manufactures who build these devices? I don't know any manufacturer who produces these devices but I believe you need to build connections in the industry to have access to these devices for free or at cheaper prices.
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