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The concept of God as portrayed in comic strips

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    The Threat of the Purple Beetle (12/23/96)
    http://www.salon.com/comics/comics4961223.html [Broken]

    Is God-Man... dead? (3/13/97)
    http://www.salon.com/march97/comics/comics4970313.html [Broken]

    God-Man vs. Devil-Man (8/7/97)
    http://www.salon.com/aug97/comics/comics4970807.html [Broken]

    The Menace of Ooze (1/15/98)
    http://archive.salon.com/comics/boll/1998/01/15boll.html [Broken]

    The Ambiguity of Dr. Moral-Relativism (11/12/98)
    http://archive.salon.com/comics/boll/1998/11/12boll.html [Broken]

    Fluffster Unbound (4/29/99)
    http://archive.salon.com/comics/boll/1999/04/29/boll/index.html [Broken]

    Imposter Disaster (8/26/99)
    http://archive.salon.com/comics/boll/1999/08/26/boll/index.html [Broken]

    more God-Man Comix:

    thanks to Sean Carroll for alerting me to these
    Does anyone have other links to comix about God and the concept of the Divine?
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