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The concept of mass in relativity

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    I've posted a lot here in the past on the concept of mass in relativity. All of my posts were neccesarily inadequate to due justice to the concept. I've put off being precise on the concept until I as finsished with a manuscript I wanted to write on this subject. I completed it and have put it on my web site for those very few people interested in the subject to the extent that they want to read a very long paper. :biggrin:

    See - www.geocities.com/physics_world/mass.pdf

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    Doc Al

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    Pete, that link doesn't seem to work.
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    I've been having the darndest problem with that. It seems as if the PDF file/link works for some and not for others. I don't know what to do about it.

    Any ideas anyone?


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    It's because you've posted it as a link on a message board, which is againt the terms of service of Yahoo. If you copy the adress and paste into the IE address bar you can acess this page.
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    Where does it say that? I looked at -


    and didn't see anything to that effect. Can I do it like this -

    Go to


    Click on first article. Does that work?

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    This link is better and doesn't contain the many mistakes and missrepresentations in that paper:
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    Yes your homepage works.

    It's because the first link you posted is a file (PDF) rather than a webpage, Yahoo don't like people accessing file swithout going trough the homepage becaus eit bypasses their advertising:

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