The concept of pressure

  1. hello world,
    We are studing about static fluids and i can't introduce the concept of pressure to my mind
    I can't imagine what is pressure?What is pressure at a point?I need images and iluustrations
    could you suggest for me some simple tutorials and some pages to read in order to fully imagine what is pressure?
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    Are you wanting something for pressure in general, or specific for a fluid? A general example is to simply press down on your arm or to set something in your hand. For a fluid or gas the first picture in the following article seems like it might help.
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    Strictly speaking, "pressure" isn't defined at a point. The pressure on a region is the total force on that region divided by the area of the region. Of course, if the force is constant on the entire region, no matter what "sub region" we take, we would always get the same fraction and so could think of that as the pressure "at a point". If the force varies, you would have to use a "limit process" as is done in Calculus.
  5. for a fluid
    Thanks very much for the page,I'm checking it
    Great explanation indeed,do you have more to tell me?
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