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The confusometer

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    I think the idea is that if it's half the class, he may as well recover in lecture, rather than have 1/10 of show up at his office and the other 4/10 never bother to try and get it. (or alternatively, 5/10 show up, which would be difficult to manage too).
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    I don't understand how it works.
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    Ignore it. It won't be on the test.
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    So you should click the red button.
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    I think it's a great idea.
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    "Is this just another digital detour around direct human contact? Or a way for students to seek help without the fear of looking stupid?"

    these are like... the same thing

    I hate it when people don't ask questions and just derp along through class. Then when the final comes and everyone is chillin' outside waiting for the room to clear out so we can start, they all complain about how the professor wasn't clear enough.

    It's like... come on guys, if you were confused... let him know...

    I think the thing is okay, maybe for like a class of 200 kids.
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