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The Conscious!

  1. Jul 22, 2005 #1
    I'm not sure where this should go, this is something that I have been thinking about and wrote it down. I decided I should get opinions on it. Tell me what you think!

    Concious Field, Spirits and the Unknown Universe

    It is particularly interesting thinking that,
    with the effect of magnets and the
    electromagnetic field, a potentially powerful,
    either positive or negative repulsive force
    occurs. Along with the effects of matter to
    all forces known by Science, forces such like
    Gravity, Higgs, Light, Positive repulsion of
    Electrons and the necessity of Energy overall
    to interact and convert.

    This line of thought posed to the Life Force.

    Imagine, that the ability to be Conscious, is
    another effect of the physical universe, that
    is ran by another field; The Conscious Field.
    Imagine that this force, along with
    interactions of the others, can contain
    information; memories and thoughts of others
    who have existed or are existing at present -
    and be able release information with the
    others, through any means possible in the
    observable Universe.

    Spirits may be virtually existing, and require
    a particular amount of Energy to 'Exist' and
    interact with the physical world. They may be
    Entities, or "curves" (like the gravitational
    curves made by matter) found around certain
    material, or places, in the physical universe.
    This line of thought fits well with the
    theory of Quantum Mechanics and virtual
    particles. The only difference, is that this
    isn't a known force, or verified force of

    The Conscious Field is required for Life to
    Exist. Not only is that required, but the
    Conscious Field requires the other forces of
    nature to exist, as well requires matter.
    Without the other constituents of the
    universe, the Conscious Field would be
    virtual, and have no place in the Physical
    universe. This is quite alike as to how
    Gravity wouldn't exist without Mass, and how
    Mass wouldn't exist without the Higgs Field, etc.

    Like the magnetic field is apparent with
    Magnets, the forces of Life are apparent with
    the right materials. Namely, molecules like
    protein, atoms like hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc.

    ...What do you all think?
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    I think people have come up with all sorts of ideas to explain consciousness, but there needs to be some logic to why any of these ideas are better than another.

    What logic can you provide to suggest that this idea may have some merit to it? Simply suggesting, "This is what I think" provides nothing substantial to warrent consideration.
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    I suppose there isn't anything to merit this belief, and is only a thought of how it could be. When something "paranormal" happens, the ghost hunters will first try to verify that it is actually paranormal (ie, it has no physical explaination). Once they aren't able to explain it in the physical universe, they will suggest haunting as possibly the way the paranormal activity occured. Although, this in itself goes against logic, time after time incidences of the unexplainable do happen.

    The funny thing about the universe, is that it is capable to understand all if not, most of it. There needs to be reasons to the unexplained that can be explained, once in for all. Even Quantum Mechanics sheds light onto the very small, majestic and magical as it may be. There is enough data out there to suggest paranormal activity actually does occur, so why not look for how it could possibly occur within the physical universe? Why keep the spiritual, the conscious living and the physical universe all seperated from one another?

    So I suppose I wrote that simply to hear opinions, and to see if any of you think it could actually have any merit to explain such phenomena that happens. Especially, since Life can be explained by the known forces, but something is missing, "something" allows that life to spark and conscious-self to exist at all.
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    Ivan Seeking

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  6. Jul 23, 2005 #5
    This is something I'm discussing in detail with someone who has done a great deal of thinking about it, elsewhere, and it is also a central issue many philosophers are wrestling with. Many assert that the electrochemical activity of the brain can't possibly add up to consciousness. I was very suprised when I first heard this assertion, because I'd been aproaching it from the opposite direction for some years: nothing can posssibly be conscious without something like the electrochemical activity we have in our brains: baseballs and rocks can't be conscious.

    I think people who don't feel that brain could add up to consciousness are mistaking it for a computer doing amazing numerical calculations.

    In fact what happens when one single neuron fires is so vastly more complex than the charging of a computer chip with a one or a zero that there is just no comparison. To think of it that way is an over simplification on the order of representing the performance of a symphony with the digit 1. When a neuron fires, the number of individual ions that change position must be in the millions, if not billions, and it can extend over quite a distance, depending on the kind of neuron it is.

    There are a huge number of different kinds of neurons, and some "modules" of the brain are discovered to be amazing clusters of different kinds of neurons arranged together in communication with each other, and also to many other modules through diffeent circuits. Some modules are connected to others by two separate paths, one direct, the other indirect through an intervening module, and communicate with that module by alternating between those paths.

    Philosophers never seem to look at the brain and ask what is going on there that must add up to consciousness, they seem to dismiss it out of hand as merely a very advanced computer. If you look at what goes on when a neuron fires, however, with the assumption it must add up to consciousness, and start to ask yourself what aspect of this phenomenon is the bulding block of awareness you quickly realize there is no end to the possibilities.

    You don't really have to propose a Conscious Field at all, because the possibility that things we already know about when properly configured add up to consciousness hasn't even started to be properly explored.
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    You have used the right word: suggest . There is no confirmation, only suggestion of the existence of paranormal activity. Science deals with the explanation of observable phenomena. Before trying to explain a phenomenon, we must observe it. Until now only erratic observations have being made of what could be paranormal activity. Once a rigid protocol indicates, in a repeatable way, that such activities exist, then can scientists search for a possible explanation and thus developing a theory.
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    I really think you should read the book in this thread. I think you will really enjoy it.
    https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=80460 [Broken]
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  9. Jul 26, 2005 #8
    I kinda hate The Holgraphic Universe. It started out really interesting, intriguing, and then degenerated into mush.
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  10. Jan 20, 2006 #9
    I think youre definitely on the right lines, its a beautiful thing to actually tap into the overwhelming pool of knowledge that seems to timelessly exist all around us, and its something thats very difficult to accurately describe with words.
    Although a good analogy would be the internet; it feels somewhat like becomming aware that every computer (person) is linked up to every other person in a highly complex network. You have that same feeling of an awesome amount of information and experience at your direct disposal.
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    with millions of ions exchanged in the single firing of a synapse and electrons moving has anyone ever argued that this may be under quantum mechanics and it's superposition theory an explanation for Free will:biggrin:

    Conciousness is and will always be a process defined by pharmacology and biological function, the problem is we barely know how the brain works so any assumptions we make now are merely that: asumptions.

    Any theory needs to take account of the extremely complicated functioning of the brain not only the different areas, but the neuropharmacological processes in a trillion cells need to be weighed up: will we ever find a solution to this hard problem? Maybe who knows? But that too is a subject of much debate.
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