The coolest toy ever

I just got this thing called the "Airzooka" I first read about it in Discover magazine a few months ago. I'd been looking for it, but I never found one until today. I only spent 10 bucks for the most amazing thing. It "shoots" a ball of air.
It's shaped like a backwards megaphone and you pull back on a membrane and when you let it go an invisible ball of air shoots out the front. The box says it will shoot 20 feet, but I'm getting at least 30 or 40 feet. It is amazing how this ball stays together. When you get hit by it it feels almost solid, the coolest thing is when it barely misses you, you can really feel it whiz by. I've been torturing the cats.
awesome!! i want one! where'd you get it?!?


You can get them at Spencers or KB Toys, I think...silly children!
I got mine at Spencer's. This toy gets more amazing the more I play with it. It even works outside on a breezy day. I can't get as much distance and the wind puts a wicked curve on it, but it still works. Scares the hell out of ducks as well as cats, and great blue herons don't care for it much either.

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oh yeah!!

Hey yeah those things are awesome!!! if you have a 'gadget shop' which sells random junk you can get them from there! My physics tutor brought one in and he is obsessed, he has made little targets (using the baddies from Lord of the Rings) and pretends he is Legolas and shoots them down. He is actually a pretty good shot.. Airzooka, the toy of a thousand long as they are to do with shooting things

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