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The Core

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    How much of the movie, "The Core" is true?
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    Good link, nice explainations, Awww, "movie science" some Fun, as I now dawn my unobtainium suit and fly off into spaaaaace, and beyond!
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    i love how there were dolphins swimming around thousands of feet below the surface... haha yeah right, you know how much pressure there'd be? what can a dolphin swim to? several hundred at the most?
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    Wow, there were more flaws than I thought.

    Inspite of all of this though, you gotta' love Rat .
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    I heard it was an entertaining movie, but I saw the trailer with a group of friends and we couldn't stop laughing. What made it even funnier was that the other people in the theater didn't understand why we thought it was so funny.
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    The credits.
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