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The CRAZIEST news story EVER?

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    The CRAZIEST news story EVER???

    You may think the title is sensationalist.... and then you'll read the following...

    Watch this video... its baffling. I tried to write a description but I just can't find the words... suffice to say 2 Swedish twins run into on-coming traffic on the freeway. Multiple times. And get hit. Multiple times. And survive.


    THEN, if that's not enough, several days later the un-hurt(!!) twin goes on to stab a 54 year old man to death and jump off an overpass into more traffic... and survive(!!!?!?!?!?!).


    YES its google translate, but it actually does a decent job for once.

    What... the.. hell....
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    Re: The CRAZIEST news story EVER???

    Mine version is simpler :biggrin:
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