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The Culler of Money

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    http://www.citypaper.com/news/story.asp?id=10258 [Broken]

    Interesting piece on Matthew Lesko, the annoying guy who can be seen in his infomercials running around in question mark speckled suits in Washington DC, chasing professional looking suits with his big books on how to get free money from the government. A zany character who makes millions with hyperbole and 'white lies.'
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    The only thing that upsets me, is that I didn't think of it first. What a gimmick, to get a million people to buy a book{s} containing information that they could get for free.
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    I am fine with it. You can find out almost anything on the internet for free, but who wants to search for all of these things? I am paying for the neatly compiled package of this information. Also I like being able to read it on actual paper.
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    :rofl: As the saying goes, "A fool and his money are soon parted."
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