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Homework Help: The culmination of a star

  1. Dec 13, 2008 #1
    In my problem, it says only this: "The star Arcturus culminates. What is the sidereal time at this moment?"

    Do I need to know when the star culminates to solve the problem, and if I do where would I find this information?
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    Culminates means reaches it's highest point (although I've never heard this term used in astronomy - was this a translation?).
    I think it wants you describe the relation of Right Ascension to sidereal time rather than give a number
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    This was actually a translation, but it is translated correctly. Culminate is the word used in the original, although it doesn't really sound right in this context.

    As for the problem, it does make it a lot easier if I don't have to give a number as the answer.

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