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B The curvature of spacetime

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    From what I read attempts to measure the curvature of space have not succeeded.
    It would seem there may not be a curvature of space time.

    If this is true then what may be implied is that space goes on forever.
    If this is true how could the big bang theory, if it could, give a reasonable answer for this?
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    This is not true. Efforts to measure the curvature of spacetime have be quite successful and to within a margin of error of something less than 3% (could be better now, but that's the last I remember) it is seen to be flat.
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    No curvature of space (a "flat" FLRW spacetime) is not the same as no curvature of spacetime (a Minkowski spacetime). The former implies a big bang and cosmological redshift (as observed). The latter does not.
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