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The Da Vinci Code Book by Dan Brown

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    has anyone read this book? i have heard great things about it so i began reading it...typically i don't read fiction, but this one is good so far...
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    I read it. It's a good, fast paced, exciting adventure story. All that stuff about the true secret history is just puff for the book. He took a bunch of separate stories, like the Templars, and Mary Magdalen, and put them together the way a conspiracy freak does - connect the dots - and made it sound good. You can believe it if you like, but historians have been all over the story, debunking it.
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    I say read it. Smooth transition, pretty good character development..I've read only a few paragraphs and will pick it up eventually.

    If you have even a slight fascination with cryptography, code breaking, symbols..you will find it interesting.
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    I'm on about page 50 and so far it's pretty good.

    It grabs you quickly and moves you right along.
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    It's worth reading, also the top seller at the store I work in.
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