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The Dancing WuLi masters...

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    What do you think about the book "The Dancing WuLi Masters" by Gary Zukav?
    I got this book from library and found it very interesting due to the simple illustrations(which I think is very good for a layman like me),but when I googled it I found some criticisms by the physicists regarding this book and also another book "The Tao Of Physics": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tao_of_Physics#Acclaim_and_criticism
    That's why I am confused...
    Is it factually correct??
    Should I continue reading the book or not???
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    Sure, so long as you don't think you'll learn any physics from it,
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    Popularisations are quite variable - some like Feynman's QED - The Strange Theory Of Light And Matter are excellent while others like - What The Bleep Do We Know Anyway is basically new age drivel trying to justify obvious rot like the Secret. The Dancing WuLi Masters IMHO is about the middle of that spectrum - it has a few aspects of new age gibberish - but overall not too bad.

    Feynman's book is much much better at that level IMHO.

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    Thanks Mr.Bill for your suggestion.I'll read Feynman's book...
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