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The Dark Tower

  1. Aug 2, 2003 #1
    Stephen King's grand epic(and his career, rumor has it) is drawing to a close. The final three books in The Dark Tower Series will be released within the next 18 months. Is anyone as excited as I am??
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    Absolutely! I'v been a big stephen king fan for many years, and this series has interested me the most, which makes it curious as to why he's taken so long to write it. 20+ years in the making. I have an original hard cover print of the wastelands- I believe there were only 10,000 made.

    So the question is what will roland find when he reaches the dark tower? Of course it's said that it's THE connection point for all worlds. He gave a recent interview on it, and in it he hints that he's put himself in the ending- I'd be severely bummed if Roland goes to the top of the tower and stephen king is sitting there writing out things on his computer. It would be as disappointing as dorthy findout out the wizard of oz was a fake.

    Anhow, here's the link:

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    Well, I know that The Wastelands established that Eddie, Susanna, and Jake's world contains a Stephen King. And, of course, it would be semi-fitting, as King usually shows up in the movies made from his books. I wonder what they'll find at the Tower also, especially since Roland lost the Horn he was supposed to blow when he got there.
    I also think it is interesting to note that Roland and his crew are the only think keeping the Tower standing (according to Black House) What happens if one of them is killed?
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    You know, I don't remember Stephen King referencing himself, or maybe I've just forgotten- after all I haven't read it since it came out in 97. I guess it's time to go back and reread them again. Based on what I read in the interview, I won't be buying the updated gunsliger book.

    He says that the ending will be surprising, but people will say that it has to be this way. King has always been full of symbolism. Obviously there's a larger connection to the rose in the field in that one world. I think it represents the tower, in fact IS the tower. And that's why it's in danger. It's like a cascade effect. If the tower is detroyed in one world, it's destroyed in all of them. And I think that was why the man in black(merlyn) showed him that vision- It was ultimately the rose, which is the dark tower. That is his KA- to save the dark tower from being destroyed. I also wonder weather or not randall flag is actually stephen king. Cetainly he is the representation of evil- he is the Sauron of End World.

    Comparisons have been made of this series to TOlkien's LOTR, and though it lacks the pureness, and originality of that, it's a very intriguing series- and I think a lot of people are missing out because they are not horror buffs and don't realize that it is pure fantasy. As for me, I'll be waiting in line when it hits the bookshelves- retail $35 US.
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    I would suggest you do read the updated Gunslinger...it really changes the entire context of certain elements of the overall story.
  7. Aug 2, 2003 #6
    Well if you've read it, and feel it's worthwhile, I'll get it- It was just that King mentioned that it wasn't needed. I also recommend reading the prologue to the wolves of callah if you haven't already- you can find it on stephenking.com
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    Uh huh...Father Callahan in Thunderclap...creepy!
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    Ya I'm pretty sure we'll see a lot of that happening in the next 3 books. I'd be betting on a reappearance of peter from the talisman and black house. It was already establish that he lept back into midworld when he was shot. And there was this one small child from a scene in a short story at a circus- he was a breaker I believe. Or wasn't he mentioned in Black house? Sometimes I can't keep them all straight. And I'm positive we haven't seen the last of Teddy Brautigan. Should be a mass of old characters.
  10. Aug 2, 2003 #9
    Maybe too many old faces...I have a feeling that this will resemble the last books in Rober Heinlein's career, in which nearly every old character came back one last time.
  11. Dec 5, 2003 #10
    DT: Gunslinger new vs. old

    I recently picked up the DT story again after many years of waiting for #4 -- actually I bought the #4 last year but just never got started since I had forgotten most of the previous story line. What finally kicked me back into swing was getting the audio book versions of 1, 2 and 3 from iTunes Music Store and listening on my iPod (which I highly recommend).

    Anyway, while listening to Gunslinger, I would go back and forth between the audio book and reading my orginal copy of the book. As far as I can tell, the audio book version of the story, which appears to be based on the new edition, only sublty differs from the original. But I may have missed something since I didn't re-read all of the old book. That said, I would say that going with the older edition vs. the new one probably does not detract from the story line in any meaningful way.

    I've also bought the unabridged audio books for 4 & 5 (which I'm reading/listening to now) and am still amazed at the richness of this story. I can't wait to get to the end.
  12. Dec 5, 2003 #11
    Yes it is a very rich story, and you have to be a true hardcore SK fan to fully appreciate the depth of it. The characters involved in the DT series are weaved into practically all of his books. This is more evident in the wolves of calla,(father callahan) To give a short list of characters from other books that will be involved in the final series-

    Father Callahan from Pet semetary
    Maerlyn/Randall flagg/richard fanin waas in at least 3 or 4 other king books- he was a central character in the stand-the antichrist, if you will..
    Teddy Brautigan was in Hearts in Atlantis, and another short story- He's a breaker, I believe
    The longmen, or Flagg's minions as I have come to believe, were in hearts in Atlantis and the regulators
    There is a young boy in a short story in bag of bones who is a breaker, and I believe central to the final book
    Peter in The Talisman and Blackhouse- he's in and out of Roland's world, and is a key character, I believe.

    There are more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
    I read the lord of the rings series a long time ago, and I wouldn't hestitate in making a comparison there. It's a truly epic and encompassing novel.

    What will they find at the tower? Well I hope I'm not giving a spoiler away, but I might so don't read on if you're not current on the events..

    Ok it's obvious that the tower is in every world, it is the connection holding all worlds together- it is the nexus of existence.
    Richard Fannin/Randall Flagg is trying to destroy the tower by bringing down the beams that hold the tower together. To do this, he is pulling slaves from all levels of the tower called "breakers". the breakers are referred to as "having a special gift". So it's been infered that they are telepathic, and that they are using telepathy to break down the beams. This fits in, because the "beams" aren't physically visible. I don't know if they are energy beams or what, but they are obviously tough to bring down. I believe that Roland and company are going to the dark tower to kill Randall Flagg. Why Flagg wants to destroy the tower and end existence, I'm not sure. Also, the flower represents the tower in our universe- that rose in NY in that abandoned lot. So it is obviously double jeapordy for the tower. Also the curator of the bookstore who sold jake the riddle book I believe is a guardian of the tower- but he doesn't conciously know it.

    What will they find at the top of the tower? Will there even be a reason to go to the top of the tower- Someone suggested stephen king, but I refuse to believe that. King's not THAT egotistical, and I' m sure he has better creativity than to do that. It woould disappoint a lot of fas, myself included. After the bomb that was Matrix Reloaded, I can't take another sad letdown like that :P

    Anyone else want to add anything? have a different theory? More characters connected to the tower series?
  13. Dec 5, 2003 #12
    Re: DT: Gunslinger new vs. old

    The biggest differences are the number 19, and the reason Roland kills Allie...a reason that I think becomes clear in the last chapter of Wolves of the Calla.
  14. Dec 5, 2003 #13
    Any guesses about what 19 represents? 19th level of the tower?
  15. Dec 6, 2003 #14
    Well, King started writing the first book when he was 19...I've no doubt that we'll see the 19th level of the Tower.
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