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The Darkness

  1. Sep 22, 2003 #1
    The Darkness, have you heard them/of them and do you like their sound? If you havent heard of them then check them out, i beleive that they arjust about to release their album in america so chances are if you havent heard of them you soon will.
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    i have heard of them.

    andy, do you touch shampoo? (-:
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    I dont touch shampoo no, i am bald.:smile:
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    ahh, mop and glow then?

    sorry, j/k, gotta takem when I see'm

    I think I've heard of them, but I get confused I listen to so much music. I'm assuming they are a rock band?

    Any links to a website of anything?
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    This is possibly the worst band I have ever heard. It seems to be a worrying trend towards more 70's style rock music. I thought it could not get any worse then I heard 'The Darkness'.
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    jimmy p

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    I have got the darkness' album just out of curiousity and a recommendation from my friend who is a masterbasser (lol) and i think that you can listen to it for the first couple of songs but then u have heard the entire album... a lot of guitar solos and constant falsetto...oh yeah random screaming of swear-words. Also they are overplayed which makes me tired of listenin to the songs they have released. A good rock band for the masses, but for ppl who have a more refined taste they are dire.
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    I think the next question is obvious; "do you touch real poo?"
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    As far as the Darkness are concerned i find them very refreshing, i mean this because when you work all day long listening to crap-pop and **** nu-metal on the radio when the darkness is played its just like a breath of fresh air. Nothing Compared to Guns N'Roses though.

    Why is your Question Obvious?
  10. Sep 24, 2003 #9

    jimmy p

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    I agree, GNR are pretty supreme compared to these nowadays bands. The thing that intrigued me about the darkness was that there is this vague 80's sound, and more to the point they are interested in playing guitar solos and not detunin guitars to play heavy riffs. However as said before there is the single sound they have to all their songs..

    Also i think the more obvious point is that LURCH has an unhealthy obsession with faeces and should either watch some german fetish films or see a psychiatrist or get professional help or something. Maybe LURCH has a guilty conscience...?
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