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The Day America Fell

  1. Nov 3, 2004 #1
    In November 2000 democracy and our country as we knew fell away forever. On that day we gave up more than just a possition, we gave up our unity, our spirit and the future of any possible hope. 911 would have never happened for the vision which tormented for me for 8 years was that day. Afterward I realized that that day would have never happened if Gore was indeed elected the president. It was a transendetal experience. What you belive is indifferent. With the advent of 911 we have the patriot act, an act which is not for the protection of the american people, but which will be used as all things are used against the american people by the rich, the powerfull, and those who have something to gain. Abuse of system is part of life, but never in history has it been so blatent.

    The flag was burned before us with a smirk and a chuckle. The sons and daughers who gave and give up their lives disappear into the dust. And the memory of their sacrafice becomes for naught.

    You will pay Mr President and all those who assisted. It was more than an election that was stolen, it was the national spirit, it was hope, it was the future. Even if those things were in an unalterable path, you took away from many the mist which clouded the picture for them. It is more apparent even for the unconcious as so many exist on this forum and through out the world. The transgreesions against the people will be known for now they have eyes to see, even if it be clouded by the barrage of purposeful information weaken their logic. You cannot generate enough of it now. If the people only knew all the truth it would be like being a fish and slowly getting the hook ripped out of your belly that had been swallowed to deep. This pain would only be far greater. For your eyes would be held wide open as you were a witness to all that has been done. All for money, all for power. You are less than dust. For this empire or dream of an empire of the ants that you want to create is nothing. Your vision is as flawed as your spirit. Your claims of god are false, and in gods name you will bring forth the prophesy of the distant past. What I have spoken to few was the words in my mind as the vision came forth that day. Yes my friend it is that time. Even the devil may turn from his ways, for the river is neither good or bad. I leave with this hope of single grain, even if it must be cast into the wind.
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    Democracy fell away for ever?? Don't talk ****e. The US have just held a massive election with voter interest and participation at a record high. How is this a lack of democracy? Bush's position was confirmed by the electorate. The people spoke. If you don't like the result - tough - you are in a minority, which is how democracy works!

    If you want to talk about failings in Democracy, look at N Korea, Zimbabwe, Iran, Saudi or any one of many many countries around the world. Moan at them instead!
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    Just so you know, Bush just won by the most decisive majority since Ronald Reagan. He is the first person to be elected president with the popular vote in his favor since his father beat Dukakis. He legitmately and decisively won.
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    Just like the first time.
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    He won by 3.5 million votes, the largest POPULAR majority since Reagan. Clinton never even had over 50% of the popular vote. Bush got 51%. You can be bitter and deny it all you want, liberals are good at that, but THIS TIME he definitively won, and not by a questionably margin of 537 votes like last time.
  7. Nov 4, 2004 #6
    You can't say that American democracy is a failure, but you can say that Americans are failures.
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    look at the bright side- bush can't be reelected. 4 more years and we'll be free of his tyranny.
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