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The death of black hole

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    what does happen if the black hole died Or disappeared??
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    Simon Bridge

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    Good question - have you had a go looking up the evolution of black holes or how they may "evaporate" to find out?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Well done. We can help you with what you find out ... otherwise the answer is basically a couple of hours of physics lectures.
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    Then it no longer exists and any nearby objects which had been affected by it's gravity will no longer be affected by it.
    According to Hawking though, black hole evaporation is an extraordinarily lengthy process, and for most of it's life a black hole is more likely to be gaining mass one way or another than losing it through Hawking radiation.
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    Here is a nice calculator for black hole parameters. If you put in a mass even the size of the earth, the lifetime is, well, long.... :woot:
    I find it interesting how temperature and luminosity are inversely proportional to mass.

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    Simon Bridge

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    That's a Quora Q&A titled "What would the death of a black hole look like?"; the English version is here:
    http://www.quora.com/What-would-the-death-of-a-Black-Hole-look-like [Broken]
    (Nice reference thank you.)

    ... curiously, all the answers concentrate on the question in the title without checking the body-text.
    However, Dr Frank Heile gives a decent description of the last few seconds of a low-mass black hole, basically it looks like an explosion.

    Quoting Steve Hawking: "Near the end of [a black hole's] life the rate of emission would be very high and about http://qlx.is.quoracdn.net/main-afde161292e837eb.png [Broken] erg would be released in the last 0.1 s. This is a fairly small explosion by astronomical standards but it is equivalent to about 1 million 1 Mton hydrogen bombs."

    But this has to be put in the context that the black hole is "exploding" every day for it's entire life ... it's basically one long loong explosion.
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