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The desanctification of life

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    Knowledge and wisdom has a lot to do with disspelling illusions or unlearning what one has learned. For example, learning that human beings amount to no more than mammals who have struggled to the top of the food chain and that language is a way of relating experiences for the sake of social empowerment by making others believe in one's illusions. Why are these illusions? Because all experience is exclusively defined by the individual experiencing it. Knowledge itself is an illusion created by those with the most memorable or amazing experiences; those who have the courage to feel and see the full brunt of life. Seeing things for what they are is itself perhaps the best way to empower oneself, both mentally and socially.
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    24 views and not one reply?
    That is eerie.
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    Why do you feel that life has been "desanctified", just because human behavior has been more thoroughly understood? Also, can you really know that there is such a thing as life at all? Check out this thread.
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    Whats anyone supposed to reply too?
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