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The Devils Tramping Ground

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    Has anyone ever heard of this place? I live about 30 minutes from its location and I'm trying to plan a camping trip there sometime this summer.

    Anyhow, a bit of the legend. The area is in a forest, in Chatham County, NC. The particular "tramping" area is a 40 ft circle in the midst of lush vegetation and trees. In the middle of the circle is what appears to be a burn pit, a place used to have fires.

    It is said that the Satan himself treads this circle night by night plotting his plans of destruction against humanity. I've heard storys of people who place objects within the circle, and by morning these objects are gone. I had a shop teacher who told a tale about his brother who camped out there inside the circle, and the next day was completly pyschotic. Supposedly he is in a loony bin to this day.

    Here is a site with much more info about the legend, and photos of the area.


    Any clues?

    On a side note, my mother is a paramedic in this county. At the time she is researching into how many calls have been ran to this particular area, and if anyone has ever seen satan. I'll let ya know what she turns up soon.
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    So far she has spoken to 6 different people about it. One person basically retold the same old story, another reported a 4 wheeler accident, inwhich the driver was intoxicated, and others said they've never heard of the place.

    So basically, I believe its a party spot, maybe offroad trail, and probably an old indian ritual site.

    I'll probably be camping out there sometime in June, update when needed.

    I can't believe noone has heard of this????
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    Don't want to be a party pooper but could this spot have a lack of vegatation and charred ashes (from hell?) because people build fires and visit the place because of the myth itself. Seems like the USA if full of these kind of mystery (tourist) spots, like the gravitational mystery spot in Santa Cruz, CA. Personally don't belive in any of it myself but who knows.
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    This may seem a little crazy, but what if it all psychological? It may have started out as a story, and soon people start to believe it. Sooner or later, an "experience" happens to them and they think it is real even though it may just be a product of their imagination.

    Or it could be a tourist spot to lure people to spend money.

    EDIT: Supposing this were true, wouldnt this process be a byproduct of evolution? If most people in a community believe in a "monster" then the brain would use fear to stay away from the "monster", thus stimulating better awareness for survival.
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    Speaking of "products of the imagination"...here is the final word on the infamous Devil's Tramping Ground :wink:
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