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News The difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

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    What's the difference between the war in Iraq and Vietnam?

    Bush had a plan to get out of Vietnam.

    I heard this a few days ago, had to share :smile:
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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    Let's see, there is quite a few differences and similarities.
    There are more protesters/anti-war activists, especially in US. The current Iraqi goverment have reason to be worried. Just like the South Vietnam goverment collapsed and got overrun by the whole communist world because of reduced/cut funds and aids by their ally, the US. The US had withheld commitment due to so public protest. The American public thought the war in Vietnam was between the US and Vietnam not between the South Vietnam and North Vietnam. Communist propaganda worked real well back in the 60s and 70s.
    The Vietnam War completely changed the US military and train them better for the current situation.
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    Johnson committed 580,000 troops to VietNam. Bush has committed about 180,000.
    That's for starters. The two wars are very different in nature. The fact that both met a lot of opposition b/c people believe the US had no business there makes them seem more similar than they are.
    Iraq is a war against terrorism, VietNam was against communism. VietNam was a result of French devastation as a result of WWII, Iraq is a war to prevent WWIII. I could go on about parallels that make these wars seem similar.....but actually prove they are different. Not now though.
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    It was a joke.
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    But it was a groaner.
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