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The dipole of speed

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    Attempts to find logical link between weak forces of a long-range interaction and strong forces of a short-range interaction reduce us in the most improbable suppositions.
    In my opinion, one of such suppositions (see attached file) can be tested by an experimental way.

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    Unfortunately I don't see any attached file vlamir.
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    As I know, the administration of PF attaches files later.
    Apparently, it is necessary some time for their check and processing.
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    I shall utilize vibrant rings, as the primary model of interaction of streams of different energy. In a nature there are no broken forces and broken streams of energy. There are divergent and concurrent streams, but broken streams are not present. Only in our mathematical fictions there are ruptures and boundary conditions, therefore we frequently appear unable to understand and to explain this or that phenomenon of a nature.
    As prolongation of the theme I offer the task about electrical and magnetic interaction between rings both model of annihilation of electron and positron.

    See attached files: em_interaction.doc and annihilation.doc

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    In an electromagnetic wave the amplitude of a magnetic field lags behind amplitude of an electric field in 1/4 of period. Look at fig.2 in attached file " the dipole of speed ". In points A and B the changes of speed coincide in time, but spatially they are divided and, besides, these changes of speed have opposite signs.
    The amplitude of radial oscillations in a point C also coincides in time with amplitude of tangential oscillations in points A and B, but in space they are biased in the same 1/4 of period.
    I shall allow myself to put forward the supposition that the radial amplitude is attribute of the electrical component of electromagnetic field, then, accordingly, the axial amplitude should be attributed to magnetic component.
    In attachment "em_interaction" the formulas and graph are shown which confirm, that the closed electrical and magnetic compositions can be joined and exist together. The external force is necessary for their connection, which would rotate vectors of fields in the necessary direction. The formulas (1) and (2) are classical, in too time they do not contradict a quantum mechanics. These formulas speak that the rings vibrate at very high frequencies, i.e. on length of a ring many tens (maybe thousands) of half-waves can be located.
    The task of gravitation and mass is more complicated. This task is bound up with curvature. If to enter concept " curvature of speed ", it will mean radial acceleration. The mass, as is known, is determined by means of measurement of acceleration.
    Some calculations we have fulfilled, but as yet we cannot plainly explain outcomes.
    I hope, that the offered method is more visual and clear, than official paradigm, and will help inquisitive minds at solving of mysteries of the nature.
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    As I mentioned above, our attempts to explain gravitation with the help of radial acceleration have reduced in rather strange deductions. This strangeness consists in that, the Einstein's dependence of a mass on speed and deceleration of time it is possible to explain with the help of a vector velocity addition.
    The speed of light in vacuum is constant. Experimental confirmation to this is the longitudinal Doppler effect.
    In our model we have assumed a condition, that the longitudinal speed of energy in ring c' is equal also to speed of light c.
    Let's research moving of the ring from the point of view of the stationary observer.
    Apparently, that the ring can move rectilinearly only in the case when the axis of the ring is parallel to the direction of moving. In this case, according to a rule of addition of vectors, the speed c'^2=c^2-v^2, where v - speed of running away of the ring from the observer.
    The rule of the vector velocity addition operates in all points of the ring equally and, as outcome it, we can watch in experiment the transversal Doppler effect.
    If the axis of the ring to tilt on some angle to the direction of moving (for example, with the help of magnetic field), in two opposite halves of ring arises unbalance of speeds. In one half of ring the vector velocity addition yields the sign "+", in other half - sign "–".
    Therefore, we again have the dipole of speed, but dipole of other sort. In experiment this dipole appears, as moving of charged particles in a curved trajectory.
    The reduced speculative analysis, speaks that the observer cannot "see" the ring in experiment, if the speed of the ring becomes of equal speed of light.
    This transition can be interpreted as a stopping of time inside of particle moved with speed of light, and as transformation of the gravitational mass of unmovable particle into "invisible mass" of moved particle, i.e. into energy.
    On the other hand, it is possible to interpret transition of mass into energy as inversion of space - time or as inversion of the dipole of speed.
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