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The direction of Time .

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    Suppose we have turned on a clock. It have begun to account the time. What means the evidence of this instrument? The amount of conditional time lag has passed from event A before event B. The Direction of time - from a certain initial point (zero) to the endless future. Time is totalized. Time is counting forward up. In this nobody has doubt. This became as axiom.
    But my cogitations about time have brought me to the other conclusion.
    Let be a clock with battery. Let these clock has a timer i.e. it allows to totalize time. Let, the clock had stopped in 2400 hours (144000 sec) after start. The timer has fixed this numeral. What it means?
    The most probable reason of clock stoping is a failure
    of the battery. In this case the number shown by timer corresponds to time of functioning (working) of the battery or its Time Cycle (TC), or
    made by battery.
    TC = k*A (1)
    where TC - time cycle;
    k - a factor;
    A - a work;
    Though, unit of time is a second, but unit of work is Joule, it is possible to say-evidence of the timer i.e. the time is equivalent of a work which was made.
    For our example this 144000 (sec) = 0.5 (Joule)
    Each second in timer corresponds to work (0.5/144000) joule. This is an accumulative principle:
    in each second an amount of executed work has increases.
    But notion "work" is not fundamental. The fundamental notion is a POWER.
    N = A / t (2)
    where N - a power;
    A - a work;
    t - time;

    Having substituted (1) in (2) we'll get

    N = TC /(k* t) (3)

    In in respect of a clock this means a following.
    Timer from the beginning is installed to the condition corresponding to TC of a battery i.e. 144000 sec. Each second the unit of time (energy) is SUBTRACTED from this value . This value decreasing discrete.
    Each evidence of the timer is corresponds to the potential energy of the battery on given moment. Since each second an energy decreases together with TC.
    So. Time for the all object in universe has a direction on reduction of characteristic of its TC, that corresponds to the reduction of its energy. This process of reduction of TC of all object occurs discrete on each next quantum of time Qt. Qt simultaneously is the synchronizing signal for all object.
    TIME GOES in the INVERSE DIRECTION i.e to zero.
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    I believe this would go in the "theory development" section as I certainly can tell he's trying to give a straight-up theory.
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    Are you afraid to say your personal opinion? If it exists, indeed.
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    No, I'm saying that this should go there because you are presenting an alternative theory and there is a subforum under this theoretical physics forum called "Theory Development" that alternate theories should go in. It's nothing about personal opinion.
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    Les Sleeth

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    Oh good, the new assistant mentor!
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    Alternative to what? By the way, the current theory reports that time is directed on increasing of entropy. This means that all objects at time lose their own characteristic. In this point my theory does not disagree with existing one. What information about characteristic of time you dispose else?
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    Re: Re: The direction of Time .

    Thank you for confession of the obvious truth, LW Sleeth. However I suspect that you will not find nothing similar nor on this forum nor on the other one. Because the TC this is my personal invention and in the section of PF, where neutroncount trying to send me ("Theory Devrlopment") exists several topics (of mine) which has relating to the problem of Time.
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