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The disappearance of Absorption Refrigeration

  1. Nov 19, 2015 #1

    After a course on refrigeration and air con over the summer I'm looking for a subject to study for a dissertation next year.
    From the course I'm very interested in absorption refrigeration as it could have great potential for less economically developed countries and refugee camps.

    I've been researching and know how it works and a few pro's and con's when comparing it against compression systems, however, I believe a large area of discussion for this dissertation will be on why this technology disappeared in the first place. I've been researching and I cannot find this information anywhere.

    I'm not asking for answers as I know there's strict rules for uni work, even if it is only a possibility as this stage. However, I was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction of where to find this relevant information or any other information which may be beneficial to me?

    Kind Regards

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