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The Disney Lover's test

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    Zz is disqualified because he already knows all the answers. :biggrin:

    I'm not familiar with some of the newer movies. Here's my score.

    Walts' lover
    Congratulations! You scored 118 disney points

    Or so you should have been. You know enough about his works to tell him what his next movie should be (if he was still alive). You love your cartoons, you're a child at heart, and you have nothing better to do then to go out and add to your ever growing collection, and watch the magic of disney unfold.

    http://www.okcupid.com/tests/take?testid=17353920020230563341 [Broken]
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    10 character limit
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    i did the disney musical test... i got one question wrong... i'll try this one.
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    136 disney points. i think i maybe got 1 or 2 wrong. i love disney movies, specially the animated ones!
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    Pretty bad, way lower than anyone, :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Close, oh so close
    Congratulations! You scored 71 disney points
    You know your favourites. You proberbly have a small collection of your own happening of your much loved disney cartoons. But you're not quite ready yet to call yourself a disney lover. Sit back and enjoy happy memories of childhood while you watch the magic unfold
    You scored higher than 4% on Disney
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    Wow, you know your Disney!!! :tongue:
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