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The Doctor B Diet

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    Hey guys,
    I came across this weight loss website

    I've had a read of the website and he sounds a lot less "out there" than most of the people in this field and doesnt go into all the usual holistic mumbo jumbo. However, he does make claims like "after years of development and research" and charges close to $2000 for the program.

    I am skeptical. I know from my personal experience that it is possible to lose 2-4 lb (1.25-2kg) per week depending on how hard you work out. But i was in my early 20's and had the time to put in 2 hours 4-5 times a week at the gym, plus cardio and play sports almost every day.

    This one is saying he can do more with just strict diet control, counciling and supliments. It seems unreasonable to me.

    I went to pubmed and searched for "Bernstein obesity", "Bernstein weight", "Bernstein S" but didnt come up with anything that seem to relate to this individual. I am not sure how else to evaluate this. I know people who have spent the coin and that have measurable positive results. But, forgive the cliche, this just sounds too good to be true.

    I would appreciate some feedback.
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    Consult your doctor if you wish to go on a diet.
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