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The dog that used to live here

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    The evidence is all about out side, i think it must have been a steel toothed great dane, the door to the back porch has several layers of chicken wire stapled and nailed to it, all of which have been chewed through along with chunks of door. a wooden gate encloses the garden 8ft high by about 15ft long, this also has many layers of chicken wire tin plate stapled and nailed to it, thing is the gate would not open, the hinges to feble to take the great wieght of wood and iron, so i decided as the frame looked sturdy to lighten it by removing all the chicken wire ect, well after pulling about 500 nails/staples and with jagged bits of wire sticking out every where, i decided to just take the ****** thing down only 8 screws, trouble was they were three inches long and in really tight, i thought if i left the top one till last then prop the gate up before i attempted to remove it all would be ok, well i got the last bottom one out and the gate fell on me :grumpy: the top screw was 1/2 inch long and screwed into a knot, the knot just poped out as i got the last bottom screw out now my back is all sore and that gate is in about 5,000 pieces my temper, i must
    remember to gather all the nails staples up, but not today.
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    Wolram, you're beginning to sound like me. :frown:
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    The thing is, nothing like this happens at work, ok the odd electric shock,
    but nothing major.
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    Wolram, I think you're becoming a kind of a wise guy, Schopenhauer talks about in a certain book, on page 25. Btw, where is the dog that used to live here?
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    heartless - I think it's hilarious that you refer to the author and page number, but not the book. :rofl:
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    By the size of those teeth marks a ****** long way away i hope.
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