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The doping type of the Si substrate in a MOS Capacitor

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    I've got a bit of confusions that I would like to clear out. I've tried searching on google, but could not find the answers.

    Firstly, if I fabricate a MOS capacitor using a p-type substrate, is it a PMOS capacitor or an NMOS capacitor?

    Second,if I fabricate a MOS Capacitor using a P-substrate, what will happen if I dope the substrate with Boron to make it a degenerate P-type substrate. Will it still act as a MOS capacitor or will it act in such a way that is similar to a normal (parallel plate) capacitor(no c-v curve) because it will lack minority carriers in the substrate and will not obtain the accumulation, depletion and inversion condition?

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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