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The Dream Thread (oooooh)

  1. Oct 8, 2007 #1
    this has probably been done before, but I love talking about dreams! everyone has all sorts of cool dreams, and for some reason it's not something that people talk about nearly enough! my friends always want to hear my dreams (I have really really weird dreams), but then they never return the favor and tell me theirs!

    A weird thing about my dreams is that the plot nearly always somehow involves a toilet.— The toilet is either the source of conflict, or the dream revolves around my quest for a toilet... when I wake up, I don't have to pee... so it's not driven by a physical need to urinate. weird.

    Sometimes the toilets are just in the background of the main plot... in one dream I was a soldier, and the final battle took place in a run-down public bathroom, where each stall was a trench used for battle.

    Sometimes the image of the toilet is absurdly Godlike: my science teacher from high-school school is running after me, trying to kill me or something. looking for refuge, I stumble into the most glorious bathroom! rows upon rows of gigantic golden toilets! all of them much too tall to actually be usable.— in my search for truth, I find a toilet.

    My dreams also often have recurring characters: the three government officials, the old doctor with a syringe, the disappointed middle-aged woman, the store owner who won't let me touch anything, the animal or creature I have to protect, the animal or creature that is trying to harm me, the unreachable purple building or city far away... all these are recurring themes and characters in nearly all of my dreams; it's very strange.

    I'll write down a whole dream some other time. some involve talking cattle who want me to tell them jokes, others rabid turkeys guarding a castle in the sky...

    but now you go! write down a weird/scary/insightful dream.

    This thread could either turn out to be really cool, or a complete failure. I'll blame YOU in case of the latter, for not pitching in :tongue2:

    http://z.about.com/d/animatedtv/1/0/U/T/spep_912_ginger_kids2.jpg [Broken]
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    you are standing for the funniest member????
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    There are several recurring architectural spaces in my dreams. One is a broken brick plaza with strong Aztec or Mayan influences.

    Tornados and or end of the world with invading aliens is another, cities in ruin and I'm hiding or fighting.

    Standing in line waiting to go to the toilet only to find the door will not close or people all around staring at me giving me stage freight so I can't go. Good thing I guess because I wake up having to go urgently.
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    that's not a dream related comment! you lose 10 points!

    that's cool! I've never had a dream about aliens. I've had robots but not aliens.

    you get 20 points.
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    I never seen the aliens, seen their ships and the Blackwater type guys working with the government to kill us regular folk.

    Maybe they are actually republicans and I'm in Iraq.:rofl:
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    Ack, I have those toilet dreams too. Either I can't find a toilet, or what is supposed to be a toilet turns out to not be one, or the toilet is in the middle of a public place with no walls.

    For several years after I went into telecom, I would have dreams that my life depended on making a phone call. I'd be at a phone and it wouldn't work.

    Ok, one dream I remember from when I was perhaps 8-10 years old. I was walking in a void and came upon what appeared to be a large rectangular swimming pool. All around the cement perimeter of the pool were large fish, evenly spaced, all looking toward the pool and each had a single large feather sticking straight up from the center of their backs. I moved closer to the pool to see what they were looking at and the pool was a black emptiness, but then colors started swirling inside the blackness. I knew it was chaos and the world would be lost if it weren't destroyed. I realized that the only way to destroy it was for us all to jump into the black swirling what-ever-it-was. So all together we jumped in and I woke up.
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    From a previous post on dreams -

    I remember one really eerie event. I was dreaming that I was sitting across from a man, and he held out a glass (drink) for me and I reached out to take the glass but my hand kept going through it and I couldn't close my fingers around it, I was confused and then I noticed that the man and the drink started becoming transparent, then they disappeared and I was sitting up in bed with my arm stretched out still trying to grasp the drink. I was fully awake at this point.

    It was like I woke up during the dream but it continued for just a second.
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    Wow. That's pretty cool that you actually witnessed your dream ending and fading away in real time. I have never done that, but I have had a dream, woken up for a half hour and then fallen back asleep and continued from where I left off!
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    Toilet dreams are interesting. There interpretation (if you believe that stuff) is the cleansing of emotional baggage or the desire to cleanse so toilets in dreams are actually quite healthy unless they turn out not to be a toilet or are blocked etc.

    I don't remember any dreams from ages ago nor do I have any recurring themes but here is one I had last night. I was cycling around in a four seater bike type contraption when I met a beautiful woman and we were both infatuated with each other instantly. We decided to head to her parents house to tell them we were getting married. We got into the four seater bicycle contraption which had a tent like covering over the three passenger seats but was open for the driving position. I couldn't see the young woman with whom I had just agreed to marry and was cycling to her parents house (which was a bit like Bate's motel) in the pouring rain. I was so excited to get there though that I was really pushing hard like a training session on the bike. Eventually when we get to the gatesI pull the tent like covering back to reveal that the young woman had turned into an overweight bald man in a white lab coat type garment and was tearing the intestines out of some small animal on a butchers slab. He also had raw intestines hanging from his mouth and was clearly consuming them and there was blood everywhere and it was clearly the same person (one of those weird dream effects where things are different but you know they're the same like when different roads connect to each other but they make sense in the dream). the I started running away through all these underground cellars full of mine workers with fork lift trucks and mining equipment. I can't remember anything else after that and that must have been where I woke up.

    Actually thinking about it, I qite often have the dream where you're running from something but you're going nowhere near the speed you know you can run and the thing is catching up. Awful.
  11. Oct 8, 2007 #10
    I have toilet dreams all the time. I roam around a huge restaurant searching for the toilet. When I finally find one, I must stand in line for an eternity. When I get in the stall and am about to sit down I realize it is a shower stall! Then I have to start all over again searching for the toilet amongst the hundreds of shower stalls.
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    that happens to me a lot. I wake up but my dream goes on for like 5 more seconds... I don't really like the feeling though; it's very confusing.

    that's so weird about the fish with the feathers! +25 points. it's weird that you can remember that particular dream from so long ago... I wonder why some dreams stick to the memory, almost as if they were real events, while most others fade by the end of the day.

    The feathers reminded me of this dream I had where I had a thick feather coming out of my forehead, and I realized I had to water it or I would die, so I went to the store and kept asking the dude for a glass of water for my feather. but dudes in stores never let me buy anything in my dreams! ... my grandma was there for some reason too.

    have you ever had a dream where you realize you are dreaming? it's only happened to me once.— I was a kid, it was a horrible nightmare about a rat. all of a sudden I realized I was dreaming so I started screaming "mom! mom! come and wake me up! come and wake me up!" hoping my body would respond and actually say it and she'd come and wake me up. but the next day I asked my mom and she said she didn't hear any screaming from my room.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hmmmm, never had a toilet dream. I've had the running and can't get away dreams, but not for years. Once I dreamt that I suddenly realized that I could travel through time by drinking anti-freeze. It was incredibly intense, and when I awoke I could actually taste the ethylene glycol for a moment.
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    Now my keyboard is covered in coffee you are definitely being sacrifised to the volcano god. That is the best method I've heard yet for time travel.
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    I haven't remembered a dream for a good couple years, and I am the only one I know that hasn't! I think it's because I don't try to. I wake up, roll out of bed, and by that time if you asked me what I was dreaming about... I wouldn't know. :confused:
  16. Oct 8, 2007 #15
    hahaha go toilet dreams!

    try writing them down (whatever details you do remember). for some reason, once you start writing down your dreams they start sticking to your memory better... I don't know, maybe it conditions your mind to remember them because it knows you'll want to write them later or something?
    I think dreams are almost like a second life. I mean, you spend a good percentage of every day dreaming. it seems like a waste to dismiss them and forget about them.

    kurdt, you get 30 points and a get out of jail free card for the bride/fat guy dream.

    :rofl: !!! haha +1000 points
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  18. Oct 8, 2007 #17
    My key to realizing I am dreaming is when I float out of my bed. I have that dream often. I can take control and make myself float through walls and out of the house. When I start to see or feel other people around me I usually wake up.
  19. Oct 8, 2007 #18

    Ivan Seeking

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    Heh, I never thought that would sound so funny. :biggrin:

    It was certainly a very strange and intense dream. I even remember the date that I had it - 3/3/09.
  20. Oct 9, 2007 #19
    One of my favorite dreams involves the ability to do something like "glide". I begin by running as fast as I can down the sidewalk. After a point I can feel that I have collected enough momentum to simply lift my legs up from the sidewalk, and I will continue forward at the same speed without having to use my legs.

    Once this threshold is reached I can also steer by will, and increase my speed by concentrating in the right way. The sensation is amazingly fun, and I enjoy zipping past mere pedestrians who haven't figure this technique out yet.
  21. Oct 9, 2007 #20
    In another thread someone recently said that beer was only one molecule away from anti-freeze. HAve you been performing experiments on yourself recently?
  22. Oct 9, 2007 #21
    Most of my dreams turn out to be nightmares; it's almost a condition. Though it's better now, when I was about 5 it was almost on a nightly basis. That said, among the not-so bad dreams I have, they're always related to some event or thought I had earlier during the same day so it terms of being interesting, they're pretty mundane.
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  23. Oct 9, 2007 #22
    I'll list a few.

    1. Toilet dreams - no walls once in the stall, waiting in line - I've had it all.

    2. Flying; like doing the breast stroke often not flying high enough or fast enough to get out of the reach of danger (10-20 feet) but sometimes its just fun.

    3. Teenage girls temping me to cheat on my wife with them, hey it's was only a bad dream and I said no to them more than once. Sometimes the woman starts out as my wife and she morfs several times into a younger version not always of herself though.

    4. I sometimes dream about riding on a motorcycle I sold 25 years ago, very fast and several different versions of the bike.

    5. Ghost dreams, I scream to wake up. Once this did not work and it was scary, a blast of air hit me in the face. I ran into it like a linebacker and woke up.

    6. I dreamed I woke up from a bad dream but I was still dreaming.

    7. I woke up with eyes open still dreaming for a minute.

    8. I wake up fall back to sleep and pick up where I left off in the dream. If it's a bad dream I'll just watch "Adult Swim" on TV or something.
  24. Oct 9, 2007 #23


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    I've either stopped dreaming or stopped being able to recall them in the morning. On the rare occasion that I do recall a dream, it is something mindnumbingly trivial.

    My last dream was about a cube. There was this cube.

    That's it.

    When I was younger, I had slightly more elaborate dreams: trying to escape from scary animals, falling off buildings, and flying like Superman. I've had the flying dream quite a few times, and it's always the same sequence of events, but each time I had the dream, it was like a new experience. The key to my power was a magic, flying pillow that I would stretch in front of me and fly, Superman-like, over busy city streets. Everywhere I flew, people would look up at me in awe (and shock). After a while of feeling great doing this, I'd suddenly realize I was completely naked. <the end>

    I would then wake up and start working on my homework that was due in a couple hours.
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  25. Oct 9, 2007 #24
    Same here. Because of this thread I tried to pay attention to my dreams last time I slept, but what I recall is nothing but me having a low key conversation completely void of surreal oddities or even much emotion. I can't recall having any dreams worth remembering in the past few months.
  26. Oct 9, 2007 #25
    I find that I dream much more if I get an extra hour or two of sleep. I get dreams with a better sensory quality that are easier to remember after waking.

    Try sleeping 8 - 10 hours a day.
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