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The Dreaming Universe

  1. Dec 13, 2003 #1
    Although I enjoy discussing the physical Universe and all its laws. There is another Universe I realize exists and I enjoy with equal passion and enthusiasm, and that is the Universe of Dreams.

    What makes this Universe so amazing, is that unlike the Physical world, its atoms and molecules made up of only one substance, and will forever be this one substance.


    The Dreaming Universe is a reality built entirely of thought. When you enter this Universe while you sleep, you experience a mirror of life but in manners that would leave George Lucas gasping in awe.

    Dreams are your thoughts. And they create a reality within your mind of which you are God.

    Is it real? Perhaps not to anyone other then yourself, but its your dream, your reality, your playground.

    I will attempt to teach and deliver solid dreaming techniques in this thread. Just the thought that I might help give you some tools to better realize the dream, and evolve this personal universe to a level where you get something amazing from it each night, would be like handing back a virtual reality system that you control yet somewhat neglected and forgotten.

    For those who are devote dreamers, perhaps I can mearly shine light on what is already known. Dreams rock!
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    Without dreams we are merely puppets, of a world which requires conformity and without question.

    Therefore when we approach our dreams we approach true ourselves, and hence a greater reality, by which everything "new" is ushered into the world.
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