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The Earth as the centre of universe.

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    Oddly to say such conclusion possible to do by using of existing theory.
    - A BB theory .
    - A theory of expanding universe.
    - A theory of the expansion of space at the speed of light.
    - A red shift in spectrum of the stars which "confirms" all these theories.
    Is it not strange, that the observer is residing on the Earth, of a thousand of the years does observes a not changed picture of starry sky? Considering "theoretically maximum speed of the light" with which occurs the expansion of space, observer must see enough a quickly changing picture of the location of the stars. Accepting all enumerated above a theories as reliable, it is possible to expect several explanations why this does not occur.
    1) The Earth founds in the centre of universe and all stars are slowly moves relative the Earth from this point. The red shift can be observed in ALL DIRECTIONS without exception.
    2) Whole visible universe in process of the expansion runs at a speed of "c" to a one direction together with the Earth from a Zero Point. But, why to a one direction? If expansion occurs in the manner of 3D sphere then the whole matter must exist in the manner of fine shell of this sphere. Herewith with an each instant the shell must becomes some fine. This must be exactly so, since BB was began with a flashing of light. But we does not observe this..
    And once again a red shift persistently exists on all directions.
    3) Space enlarges at the speed of light without any object having mass. In the manner of light radiation and gravity field. Any Star does not takes the participation in this process . They are moves off from the Earth with a small speed . Consequently a space and stars are independent and comply with a different law. All objects having mass "has fallen out" from space and live its life.

    The Single reliable fact this red shift under unchanging picture of the mutual location of the stars.
    Considering this fact, variants 2) and 3) it is possible to acknowledge as not having sense.
    From these three variant the less absurd and confirmed by observations is a first .

    Existing on today a picture of universe could be formed , if the material from which were formed stars, was evenly portioned in a whole volume of universe SIMULTANEOUSLY. WITHOUT EXPANSION OF SPACE SUBSEQUENTLY. But how it is possible to combine this statement with a red shift? This is possible to do if do recall about "fourth dimension of spacetime" . This is TIME. It is exactly a moving of time which we observe as expansion of universe. In ONE DIRECTION ONLY. ALONG WITH ALL OBJECTS. The red shift proves that move of time has a different speed for miscellaneous objects i.e each object exists in its Time Cycle. But what is a Space? This is illusion of Time. Space exists in the limit of sphere with Plank's lenght diameter.
    Since a spatial volume of universe is close to a zero value, we can take any object as the centre of this "sphere" .
    The Earth is not a worse object by comparison any other one and can be correspond to this "spatial centre of universe".

    Thereby a one statement is proved with two completely different standpoint.
    Consequently it there is TRUTH.
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