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The Earth going through the galactic plane?

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    Ok I opened this thread because of the Horizon project.
    Link: www.thehorizonproject.com

    For starters they claim that the earth traverses up and down though a narrow band called the milky way or better put the galactic plane in which I have no problems with.

    Also the astrophysics say we have a massive, not a super massive BH in the center with smaller other BH or dying stars I have no qalms with this.

    I also have no problems with the earth having shifted poles every so 100 thousand years.

    I do however doubt the valitity of the Horizon Project's doom and gloom for the planet earth going through this galactic plane.

    How is it that an average black hole Sag A in our galaxy which is only 6 million suns tight and a sun/mercury orbit wide have such a drastic effect 100 million light years out here in our solar system?

    Did Sag A create this galactic plane?

    Are we in fact transversing this galactic plane soon and will this have catatrophic affects like the earth shift poles?

    Thanks for your time.
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    That's just pure crackpot gibberish. It isn't worth even bothering trying to debunk it.

    Ok, just one: the pole shift. The earth's magnetic poles shift. Unless you use a magnetic compass to navigate, you won't notice.
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