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The easiest logic puzzle of all time

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    this one is ridiculously obvious, and because of that, some people totally miss it. :rofl:

    you have two coins, and the sum of the value of these two coins is $.15

    (they are american coins. no japanese coins)

    if one of your coins is not a nickel, what are the value's of your coins?

    (maybe asking this is a math forum is a mistake, but hey w/e maybe ill embarass someone :) )
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    I've heard it before.
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    This isn't really a math problem at all. Probably why I know the answer.
    One is a nickel. The other is not a nickel. It is a dime. :smile:
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    Whited Out--> Only one is not a nickel, the other one can be, so one's a dime, the other's a nickel. :wink:
    That's too obvious
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    Wow! There are a lot of answers to this one.... Uhmm... here are a couple:

    Coin#1 : PCGS#83380 CA design from 1957 with a PCGS grading of 60. Penny worth 14 cents.
    Coin#2 : PCGS#3184 RD design from 2004 with a PCGS grading of 65. Penny worth 1 cent.

    Coin#1 : PCGS#83374 CA design from 1955 with a PCGS grading of 60. Penny worth 7 cents.
    Coin#2 : PCGS#3107 RD design from 1993 with a PCGS grading of 65. Penny worth 8 cents.

    Coin#1 : PCGS#93437 DC design from 1972-S with a PCGS grading of 65. Penny worth 11 cents.
    Coin#2 : PCGS#83389 CA design from 1960 Large Date with a PCGS grading of 60. Penny worth 4 cents.

    Any of these would work, since you're asking the value and not the face value. Wow... that's a pretty complicated question with a lot of answers.
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    My puzzle starts with knowing the value of a nickel. No sir, I am not speaking of economic value :uhh:
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    It doesn't say face value, so it's open to any value I guess. I'm just trying to be creative.
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    Yes, this is a classic example of overthinking by most people....

    ONE of the coins is not a nickel....

    thats right because its a dime...
    the other coin is a nickel....
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    lol yes you probably could go on funny coins... but as I said nothing wierd :) i guess you missed that :rofl:

    anyway its easy but you would be surprised how many people miss it and then respectively miss you with a hammer after they hear the answer
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