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Homework Help: The effect of mass/surface area on coefficient of kinetic friction

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    hi, does anyone know where i can find info on the effects of surface area/mass on coefficient of kinetic friction? thanks alot!
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    The coefficient of friction does not depend on the surface area. The frictional force is proportional to the normal force acting on the surface (which is oftentimes just the weight of an object on a surface) with the coefficient of friction being the proportionality factor.
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    This MIT Lecture, explained the concepts of friction very well...
    maybe take some time and have a look...

    http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Physics/8-01Physics-IFall1999/VideoLectures/detail/Video-Segment-Index-for-L-8.htm [Broken]

    the static friction co-efficient is determined by the tangent of the angle in which the object starts to fall and it is independent of mass, surface area, etc.

    so - the coefficient is independent but not the force as it is proportional to the Normal force which is proportional to the mass.
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