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Homework Help: The efficiency of an engine

  1. Jan 24, 2005 #1
    im curently learnin thermodynamics at school and the teacher makes it sooo boring... but i love physics nd its very interestin in the books such as resnick halliday... well neways... there was a problem.. in resnick.... trucker carryin certain volume of diesel travels to a place where temperature is bout 10-20k lesser than startin point... due to volume compression... volume reduces .. i got tht part.. initially i wondered where did the mass go... then i realized that the density changed..... nd the mass remain constant.. is my reasonin rite?.... so we were doin carnot engine cycle... nd then we came to efficiency.. i started wonderin wat effect the density of fuel has on the efficiency of an engine.... all the types... i wondered because... at the end of the question it was written... who pays for the fuel lost?
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