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The electromagnetic spectrum

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    Can anybody help me with my question?

    Apparently our eyes can only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (the ROYGBIV). The actual electromagnetic spectrum range from radio waves to gamma rays. Included in this assumption is the understanding that this entire spectrum exists even though we are not able to see them. How then are we not affected by Xrays which exist side by side with the visible spectrum ? Why is it that in hospitals, health care providers protect themselves from Xrays when xrays are present in the whole electromagnetic spectrum?

    Thank you.:smile:
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    Probably because the Earth's atmosphere protects us from the errant and/or stray X-rays (and other forms/wavelengths) the may be generated by (whatever) in the universe...as for the Spectrum, although it is complete, inasmuch as it goes from radio to gamma waves, not all of those waveforms are allways present in whatever part of the spectrum you are currently being exposed to...our Sol doesn't produce massive (if any) amounts of gamma radiation, so we wouldn't be experiancing them in the shower of energy (EMR) that "rains down" upon us, everyday...and occurs around us, everyday....

    When you turn on a flashlight most of the waveform(s) is/are either Infra red, (heat) or "white" (visible) light, but NO x-rays are produced, no gamma rays, no higher wavelengths, few lower wavelengths Radio etc. so what we are exposed to is a (naturally) truncated form of the spectrums ability, the spectrums potential for complete energy (waveform) carriance/capacity...

    Does that help?
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    Thank you Mr Robin Parsons.
    Much appreciated.
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    Your welcome, and, if you would like to look, there are other threads on similar topics that offer the perspectives of others that simply enhance these kinds of, well, what? "World views"...Lots of smart people in these forums, here...@ PF 3.0.....
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    The reason medical personnel protect themselves from X-rays is because X-rays are energetic enough to knock electrons out of atoms. They are said to be "ionizing radiation." Ionizing radiation causes damage that leads to cancer.

    Visible light photons are not energetic enough to be ionizing.

    - Warren
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    Our eyes see from deep red up to violet. Deep red is the photon frequency with just enough energy to shift an electron to a higher energy level, and thus create a biochemical signal that it was received. Lower frequency photons (infra-red, microwave, radio, etc.) can't do that. Violet light is the highest frequency whose energy is not great enough to kick an electron completely free of its atom. Higher energy photons (UV, x-ray, gamma ray) are dangerous to our biology.
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    Saying that X-rays (or gamma rays which are much more dangerous) "are present" in the electro-magnetic spectrum does not mean that there are X-rays in every light wave or that they have the same strength as, say, visible light. Each "electromagnetic wave" typically involves only a small portion of all possible wave-lengths.
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    Re: Re: The electromagnetic spectrum


    Thank you very much for your reply. From your message, does that mean that because higher energy
    photons are dangerous to our biology, that is why our eyes are not able to see them since they will be absorbed through our eyes ?

    Can you also enlighten me on what happens when we use special equipment (infra red) to see object in the dark ? since our normal vision do not encompass infra red category, and how using infra red equipment affects our biology ?

    Thank you.:smile:
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    Thanks Warren !
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    Thank you for your post. Can you comment on the burst of solar flares last Nov 2003 from the sun.
    What kind of rays are they and how are they affecting us. I have read from channeled materials from Lee Carol who is a businessman with no knowledge of Physics who tunes in to a specific frequency to channel a magnetic Master called Kryon and topics mentioned include highly scientific stuff such as base 12 mathematics, magnetic grid, crystalline grid, interdinmensional DNA, consciousness changing physics (quantum physics) amongst others. Kryon also mentioned that the purpose of the solar flares is to increase the overall vibration of planet Earth by increasing its frequency of vibration to assists planet Earth to go into another harmonic overtone. Our collective level of consciousness is the result of the denseness of the spectrum of frequency that we are focussed on. To increased our collective level of consciousness, the solar flares are assisting us by bombarding us with higher octaves of light. I have read that the reason we cannot see UFOs is because they are hiding in a different bandwith frequency. In order for us to see them, we have to increase our vibratory rate or they decreased their vibratory rate to our level, just like turning a knob on the radio or TV. Comment?
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    I think at the very least, you should stop listening to Lee Carol. You may also want to persuade others to stop listening, too. That person is spouting nothing but nonsense.

    - Warren
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    Re: Re: Re: The electromagnetic spectrum

    your welcome....(?)
    Does it help?
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    Hi Warren,
    Thank you for your post.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: The electromagnetic spectrum

    Once again, thanks Mr Robin Parsons.
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