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I The electron dipole

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    Does anyone now what kind of experiment they used to determine that the electron is a dipole?
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    It's the Stern-Gerlach experiment performed in Frankfurt am Main in 1923 by Stern and Gerlach with a fundamental result showing the quantum nature of the electron's magnetic dipole moment (related to its spin). So one should move this thread to the quantum forum.
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    In case you mean electric dipole:
    Theory ?

    That it's not a dipole: Hinds and Ytterbium
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    The idea that the electron has spin and consequently a magnetic moment was initially proposed to explain details of atomic spectra. According to Wikipedia,

    "The idea of a spin angular momentum was first proposed in a 1925 publication by George Uhlenbeck and Samuel Goudsmit to explain hyperfine splitting in atomic spectra.[n 3] In 1928, Paul Dirac provided a rigorous theoretical foundation for the concept in the Dirac equation for the wavefunction of the electron.[n 4]"

    Now, there are many techniques that are used, some involving spectra and some involving isolated electrons, like this link.
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