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The Elegant Universe (book)

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    I watched the first half of the TV series a few months ago, and watched the rest just last night. I also asked for the book for Christmas, and am pretty sure I will get it. How does it compare to the TV series? Will it be much more complicated? I've never taken a physics class and right now am only in Chemistry and Calculus.

    One last question, what is LQG?
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    You will be able to understand it, Brian Greene is amazing, however it is VERY different from the movie.
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    The book is much more in depth about topics.... they had to adapt the TV program to a much more general audience, I think you be amazed at what you read as you go through the book. I ended up taking about 15 min a page and taking notes and everyonce in awhile just haveing to put it down being overwhelmed with ideas. I loved it.
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    Greene's books

    I read Brian Greene's most recent book The Fabric of the Cosmos but not The Elegant Universe. In The Fabric... he refers back frequently to The Elegant Universe, giving me the impression that there's a fair amount of overlap between the two books. The Fabric... has plenty on string theory, the topic of the earlier book. Plus, in The Fabric..., Greene discusses string theory within the context of a larger cosmological framework. I agree with the previous comment that, although lively and accessible to an educated, non-physicist reader, the subject matter in Greene's popular books is still very dense and requires a great deal of concentration (I don't know if I took 15 minutes per page, but I did put in a lot of effort). Thus, for the reasons stated above, it may be a better strategy to just jump ahead to reading The Fabric..., while letting the TV version suffice for your exposure to The Elegant Universe.
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    Have you read Paralell Worlds?

    Im starting on it now as I was a huge fan of Hyperspace and read that many times. I've never read anything from Brian Greene, have you read Dr.Kaku's latest book and if so which book did you like better, Paralell or Fabric?
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