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The elution volume (Ve)

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    hi guys!

    i have difficulty in understanding this sentence, since English is not my language. here it is : "The elution volume (Ve) is the volume of buffer before which the peak of protein elutes." hallo! yes, i don't get it. does it mean Ve of that protein is the volume of the buffer before the UV-absorbance of that protein or does it mean that the volume of the buffer to the middle of the peak?

    p.s! UV-absorbance and peak are different things here.

    thanks for helping!
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    As I'm not a native English speaker, I think I found the logic behind this sentence :smile:

    You use a buffer solution to "elute" some material onto a chromatographic column. What I mean with "elute" is to persuade a mixture through a column, causing any impurities or simply "different" substances to be separated one another. I am quite sure you know these, but I wanted to stress them anyway.

    Well, what you're asking is closer to the second alternative in my opinion. But if we are talking about HPLC with UV detection, I presume that they are supporting each other. Peak centers are considered to identify peaks, so your second suggestion fits better. I have poor knowledge about UV detection, but if it is calibrated according to that kind of protein before analysis by recording the full spectrum and monitoring the absorption maxima, it points to the same analyte, I think.
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