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The empire does not strike back

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    But they could be on the way to a theatre near you.
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    An interesting feature of these papers is they severely constrain the probability of any type III civilizations in the local universe, which raises [at least in my mind] four reasonable explanations that are not hopelessly anthropocentric - 1] they have not been around long enough to be detectable 2]none have survived long enough to become detectable 3] we are not looking for the right things 4] space travel is even more enormously difficult than we think.
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    The work referred to here

    Mentions (at least in the popular summary I read) a higher frequency of gamma ray bursts until about 5 billion years ago, which would perhaps make us an early intelligent species.

    I also wonder when the critical point in time was in our galaxy where the number of supernovae has been sufficient to create and distribute the heavier elements necessary for life to emerge
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