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'The end of the world? I can't wait'

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I am posting this due to LaHayes' social significance. Please remember that we can't allow a debate about religious beliefs.
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    I remember a few years ago while channel surfing there was a show with two old guys talking about the rapture and how you will disappear with Jesus. They said "if you are an airline pilot and the rapture comes, the fate of the passengers are in God's hands", do not worry about it." :eek:

    From now on I'm making sure the person at the wheel is an atheist. :tongue:

    I love how he's rationailzed that everyone will look 33 years old.
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    What A Lunatic!

    And to think, people think I have CRAZY ideas!
    The absolute fairy tales this bloke talks about, seem like a horrible mushie trip that just drags you down into froot-loop land.
    I can't believe that people follow this idiot.
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